A Tutor Corps Success Story: Nancy Coner

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Many of our tutors arrive with an interest in education, but without knowing what their future will hold. Nancy Coner, part of our very first Tutor Corps, felt just that way. She shared her journey with us – take a look at her success story below!

“I was a member of the first tutor corps at Great Oaks Charter School. I moved to Newark from Indiana in the summer of 2011, right after graduating from college with a degree in English. I took this job because I realized that I wanted to be involved in education somehow, but I wasn’t sure if teaching was for me. I thought the tutor corps would give me good experience with working in a school and allow me the time I needed to find my career path.

As it turns out, after working with our vibrant and hilarious students, I decided that I wanted to become a teacher. Great Oaks helped me achieve this goal, and I am now employed here as a 6th grade ELA teacher. In addition to helping me get certified, Great Oaks prepared me for my current position in so many other ways. My daily interactions with students and their parents helped me become a much more effective communicator. I learned how to look for creative ways to motivate students and how to adapt to the multi-faceted needs that my students had every day. Because I was working in a small group setting, I found ways to instruct students of many different instructional levels, while holding each of them to the high standards that all of our students are expected to meet.

Being a part of this program prepared me for my career as a teacher in a much deeper and more meaningful way than I had anticipated it would. It was an experience that continues to impact the course of my life.”

– Nancy Coner, 6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher, Great Oaks – Newark.