A Day in the Life: Paige Monagan, Great Oaks Legacy High School Tutor



My first alarm goes off everyday at the same time “6:10AM”. I roll over, still barely awake to try and turn it off.

6:11AM: I finally find my phone and head towards my bathroom to begin the process of getting ready. Soon my roommate is knocking on the door because my time in the bathroom is now finished.

6:35AM: I rush out the bathroom and to my room where I start the brief process of choosing an outfit for work. By this time I experience slight panic because I cannot find my shoe, but I am racing against time to get dressed.

6:45AM: Another alarm sounds, but this one is to remind me that I need to move things along. My bag is already packed with tutorial plans, my computer, and chargers.

6:50AM: I put on my shoes and run to the kitchen, there I place my bag on the counter to then dash over to my cabinet to grab a bagel. I pop one in the toaster. Meanwhile my ride coworker has just texted me to tell me that she is on her way to the car.

6:56AM: I grab a butter knife, slap on some cream cheese, and run out of the door. As I frantically stuff my bagel into pocket, I try to text my coworker to let her know that I am “coming down”.

6:58AM: I make it to the car, where we then head to work. Some mornings we might stop for Dunkin’ Donuts, but today we weren’t in the mood.

7:08AM: We make it to work where we sit I the library to wait for our morning meeting. I converse with a few of my coworkers and then the meeting begins. At 7:15, Ms. Belden, the Corps Director, greets us with excitement for the day and we listen to announcements. Before the meeting ends Ms. Belden says to us “We are the high school and what do we do?” and in a sort of call and response we say “Rise up”.

7:23AM: I quickly walk to the Annex, where we all have assigned morning duties. My morning duty is to check homework at the 10th grade homework table. At 7:25, Students begin to enter. My first student, who is a 10th grader, walks up to me with a grin. She always asks me the same question every morning, “What did you get me for breakfast?” I laugh because she is so consistent, but that is a reason why I love her. I tell her nothing as usual, and proceed to have a conversation.

7:50AM: I am now getting ready to leave the Annex and go to my first period to set up. I take the elevator to the 3rd floor, grab packets in the staff room and head to the 2nd floor space.

7:55AM: Students are beginning to fill the hallways. I help to conduct traffic as the go from their lockers to their class. By 8:05 most students are in their classrooms, and I am waiting for the 8:07 1st period bell to begin tutorial.

8:07-8:58AM: I work with a student in 9S, one of our 9th grade sections. She is very humorous. When I ask her questions, she always gives theses facial expressions as if she is confused but I learned to give her a second or two to respond. She is full of energy and eager to get the correct answer. We sometimes compete against one another when I feel she has mastered a topic.

9:03-10:01AM: Depending on the day, I may have TTC. This stands for Tutor Teacher Connection. It is a time where all Math or ELA tutors can come together and disperse tutorial packets and go over the materials for tutorial for the coming weeks. TTC is currently held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for math tutors. So on Mondays and Wednesdays I have a free period where I choose to do any TA duties that I may have.

10:05-11:00AM: I have tutorial with two 9th graders in 9E. These two are pretty comical. I usually choose to work with one student on the tutorial packet first, and then the other will work on ALEKS. Each of them has very unique personalities that I have grown to appreciate and love.

11:05-12:00AM: 4th period is my toughest group. These four have known each other the longest. That being said, they are always excited to come together in tutorial. So I have structured the tutorial setting to have only two students who work well together on the packet while the other two work on ALEKS, a math computer we use to build students math skills at their current level. This system works well for us.

12:03-12:50PM: 5th period I have off!!! This is lunch time. I spend the first 5 minutes preparing for 6th period Geometry, and then the rest of the period eating and talking to my coworkers about what I would like to be eating.

12:55-1:50PM: 6th period! This group is very comical. One student feeds off of the laughter of others, he is a real jokester. He loves to make people laugh, and sometimes I am one of those people. He is genuinely one of the nicest kids. Another student loves to laugh, and the two other students like to talk. I look forward to 6th period everyday.

1:55-2:50PM 7th period I have off. I use this time to do any work that needs to be done such as TA duties or finishing plans that I may have. I also log points and make phone calls to student’s families during this time.

2:5-3:50 8th period on Mondays and Wednesdays I have a free period. So I use that time to do work. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a tutorial group with 11th graders. They work fine with one another, but because they are 11th graders and I only see them twice a week, they cannot work on ALEKS. We work well with one another with the packet and they love to earn positive points.

3:55-5:00PM On Mondays and Tuesdays I have PM Academy. I work with two 9th graders and an 11th grader. They are in PM Academy solely to complete homework, so I help when they need me to.

5:00-7:00PM: By this time, I have come home. I usually have dinner with some coworkers from the middle school and high school. I have made some great friendships through the Tutor Corps so I also hang out in my friends’ apartments before dinner. After dinner, I am generally tired but I don’t rest until I have completed any leftover work from the day. I finish my work and then get ready for bed so that I can rest for another day ahead of me in the morning.

Paige Monagan graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as a Black World Studies major and Social Justice and Inequalities minor. She will be returning next year as a Corp Staff member to build stronger relationships with both staff and students. She is eager for how she can grow with Great Oaks and in the future hopes to obtain her masters in Education Policy.


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