A Day in the Life: Cory Cuffee, an 8th Grade Academy Tutor

Great Oaks Legacy Charter’s 8th Grade Academy is unique because it is a one year program established for 8th grade students. Students and staff rely on their close-knit dynamics to foster academic and character growth. Mondays start off with a community meeting and the week concludes with Friday morning Leadership Academy where the school Director and Dean of Students–with Tutor support–inculcate the seven habits of highly effective people. On an occasional Monday per month, Gender Group sessions are held to enrich social reasoning skills and to cultivate understanding of self and others.

Cuffee (3)6:00 am: I get out of bed and immediately take a shower and brush my teeth.

6:30 am: I get dressed and make sure I have everything prepared for the day.
7:00 am: I walk, or ride  the Teacher’s Village Shuttle to 8th Grade Academy.
7:15 am: I arrive at the school and I make sure that I have all of my materials prepared for each tutorial.  I also make sure that no one else needs assistance with preparing for their morning duties.
7:25 am: I stand outside to greet the students as they walk to the school.  At this time, I am also watching to make sure the students are walking directly to the school yard and not wandering off into other areas.
8:00 am: I set up my tutorial area by arranging the desks in a way that best benefits the students, and making sure all materials are in place before my students enter.
8:15 am: THE FIRST TUTORIAL BEGINS! The students are working through their packets, and I am assisting each one individually with their needs.
9:15 am: Tutorial is over, and now it is time to plan the rest of my day over the course of a two hour planning period.  I also check in with Dr. Ingram, the School Psychologist, to see if there is anything that he may need from his assistant.  THAT’S ME HAHA!
11:00 am:  I set up lunch for the students, and make sure all trays, eating utensils, and condiments are available for each student.
11:15 am: I pass out lunch to all students and make sure they have everything from the lunch line.
11:40 am: I clean up the lunch area, and prepare for my next tutorial group.
11:45 am:  The second tutorial begins.  During this tutorial, it is very vital to make sure that all students remain alert after coming from lunch.  So, I like to conduct a small ice breaker or some type of educational game to get their brains engaged.  Then we complete the tutorial packets.
12:45 pm:  Tutorial ends and it is time for a break!  So this is where I finally get time to eat something and plan my next day.  I also use any extra time during this break to make sure that Dr. Ingram doesn’t need anything, or to finish up any work that I started during my last planning period.
1:45 pm: It is time for the final two tutorials of the day.  This section of the day can be a little difficult for tutors because it is two straight hours of tutorial time.  I make sure I have water in my system so that I can have the energy to stay engaged and focused while teaching the students.  The students’ energy levels are also elevated at this time because they are ready to leave for the day.  Therefore I make sure that I leave no room for distractions.
3:45 pm: Students return to their homeroom classes to make sure that they are prepared for their homework assignments, and to be dismissed.  At this time, all of the staff members clear the hallways and make sure that everything is in its proper place.
3:55 pm:  Students are dismissed, unless they are staying for after school programs.
4:00 pm:  I begin rehearsal for the school choir.  More than likely we are preparing for a talent show, or the graduation ceremony.
5:00 pm:  I am out of the door!!!! It is time to go home and enjoy some time to myself.
6:00 pm:  I go to the gym for about 45 minutes to an hour, and then I go back home to shower.
7:30 pm: I go to choir rehearsal at my church so that we can prepare for what we are singing on Sunday.
9:00 pm: I go back to the apartment to finish off my evening with some television.
10:00 pm: I get into bed to make sure that I get enough rest to be ready for the following day.

One comment

  1. Mr. Cuffee is a talented and passionate educator. He connects with students on many levels. More importantly, he never lowers the standard for excellence. He is an asset to team 8GA and we appreciate all of his hard work and dedication!

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